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No New Posts March 16,1977 Timothy King, 11, of Birmingham, had borrowed 30 cents from his sister to buy candy at a nearby drugstore near Maple and Woodward Avenue. A clerk saw him leave through a rear door into a parking lot. His body was discovered six days later in a ditch along Gill Road south of 8 Mile in Livonia. He had been suffocated. Tim's Case Remains Unsolved 2014


Description: Age 11, of Birmingham, 4 feet tall, 63 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

Last seen: March 16, 1977, at a Birmingham supermarket near Woodward and Maple, where he went to buy candy. He was seen talking to a white man in or near a blue AMC Gremlin in the parking lot.

Found: At 11 p.m. March 22, 1977, in a ditch off Gill Road near 8 Mile in Livonia.

Cause of death: Timothy was sexually assaulted and died from suffocation.
Clues: Timothy was dressed and his body was warm when he was found. A strand of pubic hair was found on his body.
Tim King disappearance & murder, Barry King, LE Brooks Patterson, LE Chief Tobin, LE Robert Turner, Tim's baseball, Helen's documented information about John's situation around the dates of Tim's murder, speculation of the killer's personality, mail carriers asked to look for anything suspicious, Tim last seen standing NEAR blue Gremlin with suspect, and Tim's funeral.

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No New Posts Alpena Witness Video &Text-The living witness to an Oakland County Child Killer Suspect Drawing The Pick Up and Drop Off Maps Of Child Serial Victims -1976-77

****Greg’s Report
An Editorial on OCCK
Part 1

He goes by the screen name ‘Greg’ and he has been corresponding with Helen for years. Hear his side of the story as he has built up a case. It was a well kept secret for years as he personally spoke to Mike Cox the Michigan Attorney General at the time over the matter and eventually to the Michigan State Police. He eventually submitted a detailed report to the police. Now HD Archives gets to share his editorial on the subject with the public along with his discussions he had. This is the first part of a three part series covering Greg’s report. Hear him speak up for the first time over John being a suspicious suspect and the investigation. Greg goes over his first correspondence over the case with Todd Matthews and Helen. In 2007 he met Mike Cox at a Michigan State championship High School football game where he discussed John being a suspicious suspect. This led to an investigation with the Michigan State Police driving around Birmingham where
John’s old residence was and the water tower area with him where the tower once stood when the Anthony Mitchell incident occurred.

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No New Posts Click On Detroit~ ~Detroit Free Press~ Todays news~State & World Updates Everyday~All Day Long~

Kristine’s Mom Speaks Out!
Interview With Deborah Jarvis
Part 1

HD Archives now goes directly to the heart of the matter, the victim’s family members. This is the first part of a four part series with an exclusive interview with Kristine Mihelich’s mom, Deborah Jarvis. She speaks out without holding back on anything. Listen to her talk over the frustrations with the OCCK investigation. She sets the record straight on her opinions of the OCCK investigation for the last 36 years. She tells the real objective behind the lawsuit she made against Oakland County with attorney Paul Hughes. Her personal contact and search over various lawyers and her secret informative ‘Bob’. Much of the speculation of the lawsuit in the news goes around the gossip of being some type of scam for money, which was never the real objective. She wants the case handed over to the Department of Justice and for good reason and she wants the public to know that was her motive to the lawsuit. Debbie goes into details about the many contradictions over the history of the case for the last 36 years and the snowball affects of dis-information surrounding the case and handled and passed around by the many different police departments involved. She covers the conflict of sperm found on the boys, the various locations reported where police recovered Jill’s bike, and questioning the significance of the blue Gremlin. She goes into details about the night Kristine became missing. TO BE CONTINUED

Jan. 2: Kristine Mihelich, 10, of Berkley, had gone to a 7-Eleven store on 12 Mile near Greenfield in Berkley to buy a teen magazine. A mailman found her body 19 days later in a snow-covered ditch along Bruce Lane, a dead-end street near 13 Mile and Telegraph in Franklin. She had been smothered. *Kristine’s Mom Speaks Out!
Interview With Deborah Jarvis

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No New Posts Occk Archives: 2008-Ms Dagner, However, with the circumstances involved, and knowing the passion you've exhibited all these years on the OCCK case, I felt out of respect for you and the case, "Why not". Respectfully D/Sgt. Gray and the OCCK Task Force.

Spidey’s Testimony
Witness to Jill’s Bike

After a two-year break, HD Archives returns with more videos.

This first one details the mystery of Jill’s bike and how it came into the police possession. Using the screen name ‘Spidey’ his true story of riding Jill’s bike along with a friend has been around the internet for years but this is the first time he speaks up about the incident. Being only 9 years old at the time, he was never suppose to hang out around Woodward but he did. His mom would have killed him if she ever knew the truth even today. Him and his friend found a girl’s bike leaning against a tree in the middle of the Woodward medium unattended by anyone and decided to ride it home. After a short ride they decided that it wasn’t right and left the bike behind a building (28168 Woodward Ave.) They notified the person inside this building of the suspicious bike, which in turn this clerk called the police about it. At this time it was just a stolen bike and the importance of it was unknown until days later by anyone including the police. The police recovery of exactly where this bike was recovered was lost back then and was never really recorded correctly. In fact the very information about the bike’s recovered whereabouts in the Royal Oak newspaper days later was totally wrong. In fact the location given in the newspaper (East of Jill’s home and in downtown area) never made any real sense relative to her home and Woodward Avenue. The police didn’t know the significance of the bike until Karol Robinson came to identify it.

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No New Posts Occk Feedback-Helen,Is there anyone in LE actively working on the Occk cases,that you know?

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No New Posts **ANN ARBOR (WXYZ) - In a city known for its academics, the Ann Arbor Public Library is somewhat sacred ground.----2 winning tickets in $400M Mega Millions jackpot----School bans 9-year-old boy's My Little Pony backpack

**“There have been five heroin ODs in the public library in the last three and a half years. The last one in the last 5 months. This your public library. Your downtown library,” said Parker.

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No New Posts Man Had No Idea He Was Literally Sitting On $1 Million----Masked gunman robs party store in Waterford Police say gunman shoots at clerks, steals all money in register ----Pay it forward: Plan would allow Michigan students to attend college for 'free'

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No New Posts Attorney: True story isn't being told in East Detroit student's pool death Johnathan Sails charged with involuntary manslaughter after incident at East Detroit High School

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No New Posts British police hunt sex attacker in McCann case

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